Rollo Walian

During the last 40 years I played, besides steady bands, partly freelance with some fine and also experienced musicians. Here are some of my favourite bands from South to North.

During the South period I played, besides steady bands, partly freelance with some fine and also experienced musicians. Here are some of my favourite bands from the North.

Some video's from the audience and fans on YouTube.

Some of my demo's and compositions during the earlier years.

Beside the steady bands and freelance activities I still joining and particapating in musical projects.

Rollo Walian - about me
.... dont't play, just groove ....

Something about me

At the age of ten, I saw for the first time my uncle playing the guitar. At the time he did some "Shadows" stuff. From that day I knew I would become a musician. Because I didn't know where to start and how it was possible to make notes on a guitar, I became a drummer by accident. In those days it was easy. You only had to hit drums with two sticks. You could do a lot with a four-quarter blues-based tempo.

But soon I discovered that this wasn't creative enough. So I started to teach myself to play the guitar. At the age of fifteen I started my first band. This was the beginning of my musical experiences. I became more familiar with techniques and musicians. As soon as I finished school I became a guitarist for local bands.

Beside my daily job,I played during weekends to earn more money and in 1980 I got all the equipment to start my own studio. Unfortunately the computers and sequencers didn't excists at that time so I had to play the instruments real time on tape..

Here is where I got the know-how of the theoretical and practical aspects of music. I taught myself to play the bass-guitar and keyboards as well. I discovered great musicians in the world and bought all their records. Started to read books about techniques and licks. Got more in love with Jazz, Funk, Rock and Rhythm and Blues. I got hold of an all-round capacity of styles and techniques. Did some studio and jam sessions and did a lot of free-lance jobs.

But during all this I always got the same feedback like: "Did you had music lessons", "Did you had the University of music", "Are you a professional", "Where did you learn to play like that", "Which music-school did you went to". Sure, I did learn 'something' on local music-schools but that was only how to read notes and how to interpret them.

So I started to think of a method to teach music, in particular the guitar and keyboard. In my opinion: To play the guitar or keyboard is a sequence system. You only must see the simplicity of the twelve different tones and how to use them on a guitar and keyboard. The whole idea is very logic. In other words; if you find out in which root you are, you know the rest. Every root has its own sequence of notes/tones.

Because of the computers, which did an important entrance in 1990 I went back to school to get the degree of Software Engineer. While the computer became the number one of media-communication, I start looking for a way to give my know-how to other people. I had to develope a simple method in which everyone could understand how to play a guitar or keyboard the way I did.

That's why eventually I created CIC and some other interactive applications to make music. Nowadays I give guitar lessons in guitar-clubs and even give all the tricks away to anyone who wants to play quickly as possible.



CIC is an online scales and tabs application for guitar and keyboard. A responsive version is now available since 2016.

Rollo Walian:guitar with Dennis Burke

Rollo Walian:bass with Fun For jazz

Grooves On The Spot

Rollo Walian:bass with Malvina and Friends

Rollo Walian:bass with Refrezz

Rollo Walian:keys with Faem

Rollo Walian:guitar with HennaDee

Rollo Walian:bass/guitar with Romage

Rollo Walian:bass with Groovention

Rollo Walian:keys with the Faculty

Rollo Walian:bass/guitar with Kool and the Gang Tribute Europe

Rollo Walian:bass/guitar/keys/drums with the Hague Sessions


These demo-songs are an impression of all kinds of styles with a glimp to the application: CIC. It gives a demonstration what you can do theoritical, if you understand the meaning of the software.
Open songs in MP3 format.
All selections composed, arranged and played by Rollo Walian
for Ian Wal Productions (C) 1999


Some video impressions on YouTube filmed by the audience and fans

Rollo Walian:bass with TGroove

Rollo Walian:guitar with Cut 2 the Bone

Rollo Walian:bass with Diana and Friends

Rollo Walian:bass with Fun for Jazz

Rollo Walian:bass with Go4Music

Rollo Walian:guitar with jam Johnny Manuhutu

Rollo Walian:guitar with To Be Real

Rollo Walian:bass with TGroove

Rollo Walian:bass with Bluesgang

Rollo Walian:bass with IJmond Jam

Rollo Walian:guitar with Sjook

Rollo Walian:guitar with HennaDee

Rollo Walian:guitar with Kool and the Gang Tribute


A collection of my favourite bands in the past 40 years